Facial Balancing with Age

What does aging do to the face and its shape?

 When we think of the aging face, it is common to fixate on the wrinkles and assume more Botox or Dysport is necessary to address them. While toxin does work wonders, it can only take you so far when there is true volume loss of the face. Loss of volume and structure occur slowly overtime, but are a large contributing factor to the appearance of aging.

 Let’s start at the foundation—our bones. Bones are the scaffolding of all the overlying tissues. Reduction in density of the facial bones are lifelong and continuous which results in changes of facial shape and definition. In addition to the bones, we must consider the facial ligaments. Over time they can become more lax and begin to sag. Besides the changes in facial structure, we all have superficial and deep fat pads that lose volume and shift, contributing to the loss of youthful shape and fullness. 

 The point is, it all works together. All facets of aging are happening simultaneously, but at different rates depending on each individual. Our eyes are often drawn to the things that bother us, such as shadows or folds. What you may not realize is there are a myriad of upstream affects that may be causing your concerns. 

 That is why we at Complexion never approach one area of the face in isolation. We assess the entire face and what is happening at multiple layers to result in the change you see. We, as injectors, have to address the source, and also have an artistic eye to restore the youthful curves of the face. 


So how do we do this?

 One of the best options to help with volume loss is filler. There is a misconception that adding volume with filler appears bulky or “fattens” the face.  In reality, well placed volume provides slimming, tightening, and contouring effects that restore the youthful structure that has been lost. It is also very specific to the individual and the type of volume loss they have experienced.  When we treat these issues as a whole rather than individually, we call this full face rejuvenation. We can achieve far better results when we take a holistic approach.

 Treatment plans are tailored to each patient, but they *typically* include filler and/or Sculptra to the cheeks and temples to restore age-related volume loss, achieve lift in the lower face and nasolabial folds, and restore the light reflex to the curve of the cheek. Another area of focus in the upper face is the tear troughs. Filler and/or PRF can be used here to diminish a “tired” appearance.

 In the lower face we look to restore definition to the chin and jawline. Age-related bone loss and reshaping causes loss of the angle of the jaw and a receding chin, which can be restored by adding filler to these areas. This also serves to tighten the loose skin in the lower face, mask the appearance of jowls and marionette lines, provide support to a downturned corner of the mouth, and lift that pesky area under the chin. Overall, addressing the lower face is just as important when profile balancing and achieving a harmonious look from top to bottom.

  Full-face rejuvenation isn’t meant to make you look like a different person or leave you looking puffy. Remember that one syringe of filler is 1/5 of a tsp, so over time full face rejuvenation may require 4-8 syringes of filler to get your desired results. 

  Our skilled injectors at Complexion are trained to place filler in a way that will restore, support, and balance your features. Our aim is to highlight the beautiful attributes already present, giving a refreshed, natural, and gorgeous result, but never a look that is “overdone”. We want you to look like you just got back from a week’s vacation and had 10 hours of sleep the night before! Whether you say otherwise is up to you…

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