Complexion C2 Pads

Complexion C2 Pads

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Our C2 pads are specifically designed for those who are acne prone, have enlarged pores, or texture issues. This alcohol-free toning pad with salicylic and glycolic acids gently exfoliate skin to treat and correct breakouts, minimize pore appearance, target hyperpigmentation, and improve skin’s texture.  Best used to prep and balance skin prior to applying our AM and PM serum.

Added bonus: you can use these pads on your body to help treat bumps on the back of your arms or thighs.  

  • Glycolic acid: gently exfoliates and treats hyperpigmentation
  • Salicylic acid: anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties to combat breakouts
  • Botanical extracts (including aloe and eucalyptus): soothing and calming properties to minimize redness and inflammation
  • Glycerin: hydrating properties 

60 pads included. Use a few times weekly or up to twice daily (depending on skin type) after cleansing. Avoid eye area. You may feel a slight tingle. With each swipe of the textured pad, skin will be gently exfoliated and reveal a smoother complexion. Follow with our AM and PM serums.

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