Genius vs Morpheus8

When it comes to non-surgical aesthetics trends, one procedure seems to be on everyone’s radar these days, radiofrequency (RF) Microneedling. Chances are, you’ve read about celebrities who are turning to RF microneedling treatments like Genius, Morpheus 8, and Secret as a less invasive alternative for restoring smooth, toned skin.

Even given all the hype, at Complexion, we don’t just hop on board with the latest trends. We put a lot of research and testing into any service or product we bring on for our clients. RF microneedling was no exception, and we found that this technology wasn’t something we could sleep on. In the end we choose the Genius device by Lutronic because of its incredible results and the advanced technology it provides to the treatment. 

So why Genius over Morpheus8?

Genius distinguishes itself from other RF microneedling devices on the market by the superior effectiveness of the treatments without the associated downtime. Because there are 49 needles per tip (compared with 24 needles with Morpheus8), more energy can be emitted, producing a higher level of skin tightening. In addition, the Genius needles are finer and more flexible, causing less epidermal injury, less risk for bruising, bleeding, or scratches often seen with Morpheus 8 treatments. It was also important to us to be able to treat all skin types and tones with this device. Genius gives us the ability to control the depth and energy emitted allowing us to provide treatments customized to every patient. 

If you have been thinking about trying RF microneedling but were unsure about what device to choose, we are confident you will love your results with Genius. Give our office a call if you have more questions about this treatment or are ready to book with us. 

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