The Inception of Our AM + PM Serums


We are all constantly trying to be efficient and create more space and time in our lives. So, what if a skin care product did just that? 

In a perfect world, a skincare product would consolidate steps by incorporating key ingredients from multiple products. All our needs would be met. Can you imagine packing for a quick trip and not having to worry about how best to pack all your skincare products? Or, trying to get you and your kids out the door and you know you can grab one product and go. 

At this point, most of us know what the key players are in skin care. We all want hyaluronic acid to hydrate, vitamin C to brighten, retinol for anti aging, peptides …maybe we don’t know why, but we know we want them (more about peptides later...) And the list goes on. 

After listening to clients and creating customized skincare routines for the last 10+ years, we quickly realized there is a hole in the market. We found ourselves reaching for a product that did not exist.

So, we did our homework. We did not go the private label route. Meaning, we did not take subpar product, sold in various med spas, and put a Complexion sticker on it. Instead, we spent over two years developing a custom formulation. We now own the rights to two hero products. We are so excited to announce the launch of Complexion AM and Complexion PM Serum. 

In today’s oversaturated aesthetic market, filled with self-declared experts in skincare, how does one choose the right product and know who to trust?  Basically, how do you avoid getting catfished? We are not claiming we created the only good quality product out there or that we are the only ones you can trust. However, we do pride ourselves in our extensive background and experience in dermatology and aesthetics. This business, and now our own product line, are both a direct representation of us. Which means when we tell our clients, best friends, and family members, “You need this," you better believe it is going to work. 

Our Philosophy:

Complexion believes a skincare regimen does not have to be complicated to yield maximum results. Inspired by more than a decade of clinical experience, the secret to Complexion skincare is the perfect marriage of nutrient-dense botanicals and medical grade actives. Complexion’s line focuses on anti-aging and cell regeneration while protecting the skin barrier. 

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