Upneeq | An Eye-Opening Experience

When we look at a photo of ourselves, one of the first things we notice is our eyes (the focal point of the face). We spend money on eye creams, mascara, and sometimes even surgeries. Yet even so, we still wish they could look more bright, open, and awake. 

This is where Upneeq comes in, a prescription eye drop that gives your lid a lift with one little drop. It is no surprise that is has landed on the Allure Best of Beauty Breakthrough List.

We all live for the subtle brow lift we get from our Dysport or Botox treatment.  Now, Upneeq provides an added bonus to give an even better result and address the ptosis itself.

Upneeq is FDA approved and works by temporarily lifting eyelids that have drooped due to acquired ptosis, a detachment of the eyelid muscle that can happen with age. The condition is most common after 40, but we are seeing it in younger patients possibly due to the constant strain of staring at screens.

Upneeq's active ingredient, 0.1 percent oxymetazoline hydrochloride, stimulates receptors on the eyelid muscles, which trigger a contraction. This ingredient has been safely used in nasal decongestants for years. In clinical trials of once-daily use, patients noticed an improvement in as little as five minutes with results lasting for about eight hours.

Upneeq lifts the eyelid muscles from 1 to 3 millimeters -- truly an eye-opening experience!


“I tried upneeq multiple times now and love it. My eyes not only look more open, but brighter, as well.” -- Bethann, 31

At Complexion, we make it a point to continue to bring our patients new and innovative ways to reach their aesthetic goals. So when we approach the eye area, we not only can treat with Botox/Dysport and PRF to improve the skin around the eye, we can also address ptosis of the eyelid. 

If you are interesting in Upneeq ask a provider for more info or try it next time you are in the office! 

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